Gigi Lamar​​ 

Tootsie meets Amarica's top Model.

A Short film by Dean Steven Nichols

After a talent contest, a female impersonator becomes a highly recognized high fashion model, and through her success finds her lost family.

James Dalessandro
"This is a courageous attempt at a highly original story, and last and most importantly - a wonderful script. It is funny, edgy well structured, a wonderful piece with great characters."
James Dalessandro is the co-founder of the Santa Cruz Poetry Festival, with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, also served as it's director for four years. 
Writer 1906 (book/screenplay) it is a film adaptation of the San Francisco 1906 Earthquake, by Warner Bros. and Pixar Animation Studios in association with Walt Disney Pictures. 

Geno Scala , Former Executive Director of Academy Awards. Screenwriter and Script Mentor.
"I love it, actually. The "hook", to me, is a female impersonator becoming a high-fashioned model. That's cool "Tootsie" meets "Americas Top Model."
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