The Malediction Legacy. 

Feature film by Dean Steven Nichols.
A Police detective investigates a murder and discovers that she may be the next victim of a 350-year old Native American curse. To stop the curse, she must find the lost book of the Medicine man.

The Malediction Legacy it is a story of fiction and dramatizes the battle of an NYPD Police investigator to resolve a 350-year Native American curse. The Malediction Legacy it is a fictional story, or isn’t?

I have chosen the tribe of the Munsee Indians for that story, and many have asked if there is a reason. 

I don't have a specific motivation. When I started writing The Malediction Legacy, I researched for a tribe who lived in the New York area in 1795. The year does have some significance to me.

The Munsee (or Minsi or Muncee), called Sanhicans by the Dutch and referred as the “Riverman” because they were found on the west side of the Hudson, are a subtribe of the subtribe of the subtribe of the subtribe of the Lenape originally constituting one of the three great divisions of that tribe and dwelling along the upper portion of the Delaware River, 

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